Where are my proofreaders when I need them?

OK, audience. All three of you. Why didn’t one of you call me out on the obvious typo in my previous entry? In synch??? Where did that “h” come from and why didn’t anyone chastise me? I’m a writer who should know better, yes. But you’re my readers who are supposed to make sure I don’t make an absolute fool of myself. And you were incredibly derelict in your duties.

Those gifts I was planning to get you for being such wonderful commenters? I don’t think so!

Not in sync

When it comes to scheduling my life, including appointments, meetings, birthdays and events, I’ve been struggling ever since I ditched my Franklin planner and went with a PDA. I used my Handspring loyally for about a year with some success. I felt more on top of things, but I also felt that I was spending a lot of time inputting and checking.

Writing on paper was so much easier.

Then I started freelancing and I couldn’t sync my PDA with Lotus Notes at my client and I’ve been at a loss ever since. It’s especially troublesome when another client inquires about my availability on Thursday and I can’t remember my availability because my calendar is on a computer in Ada and I’m in my office at home.


Really, the PDA poriton isn’t as vital to me as the ability to view something from whatever computer I’m accessing. Yes, having something portable would make things a bit more convenient, but I’m not THAT busy. I’m not calling clients from the road or scheduling appointments on the fly. I do that mainly when I’m at home.

So I’ve been experimenting off and on with some online calendars, none of which has thrilled me to death.

Today, I came across something new. 30 Boxes. It’s a calendar with some Ajax action thrown in. It’s also promoted as shareable, but I’m not into that aspect very much.

This, my friends, has potential. This is Day 1, of course. And Day 1 is never a true measure. What I need is to make it to Day 7, or Day 12. Something more substantial. Yet this option feels more exciting than any of the others I’ve tried. A step in the right direction indeed.

Trapped by a three-year-old

The last week is a bit of a blur. It included preparations and hosting of Devin’s three-year birthday party. So, yeah, plenty to do. Yet I wasn’t sooo busy that I couldn’t post to my site (or his) now and again. The bigger problem was. Well. Him.

I so hate to blame things on a three-year-old.

But, honestly, we’re having a few issues in our household these days. And they all boil down to our new bedtime routine. A routine that includes plenty of screaming, protests, plotting, and drama. The big-boy bed, which was appreciated by the “big boy” for a few weeks, is no longer the draw it once was. The concept of freedom has taken its place and our precious little boy has become a bit of a pill. (Not a horse pill, mind you. Certainly only the smaller variety.)

Back to the posting issue. My office is kitty-corner from his room. And he won’t stay in his room. Thus, I’m restricted from my regular nightly routine of checking email, visiting sites, processing photos, and posting my thoughts. Instead, Scott and I cower down in the living room, listening to the screams and the demands:

“I want out, Daddy!”
“Where’s my LION????”
“I need go potty!”
“Come back in my room, Mommy!”
“Mommy, rub my back. I need more rubbing!!”
“I need some water, Daddy!”
“I ‘cared of monsters in my room!”
“No leave me up here, please! PLEASE!”
“I want hold my Wiggles underwear!”
“I no like my room, Mommy!”

Get the picture?

At least us parents are spending a lot more quality time together!

Typical Scott and Lori

So we’ve been talking for weeks about our upcoming trip to Florida. It’s exciting, you see, since we haven’t taken a vacation in nearly two years. That’s a lifetime for us. And even though this vacation destination is relative-oriented, it will be so much fun for the kiddo.

The talking has been mainly about how we’re getting to the Land of Sunshine. Scott, for instance, is a big fan of roadtrips. He embarked on many before we ever met, and he’s dragged me along on a few since then. For him, the best kind of getaway would be to strap Devin into his car seat and hit the road. For hours and hours and hours.

My preference? Well, I decided to go along with his idea since I knew it would make him happy. And last night we sat down together and went over maps and routes and timing. We spent nearly and hour and a half segmenting the trip down and back, being sure to include several cool spots for sightseeing.

Then, this morning, as if awakened from a drunken stupor, we both agreed, nearly simultaneously, that flying would be better.

It’s how decision-making happens in our household. Or how it doesn’t.

Hugs and kisses to you

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day.

My grown-up sweetheart is on the east side of the state, sitting in a conference room and learning about some content management software.

My younger sweetheart graciously accompanied me to dinner last night for a little early celebration of the L-O-V-E holiday. We shared cornbread, he stole mandarin oranges off my salad and I countered by savoring several bites of his mashed potatoes, we colored with orange and green crayons, and then I serenaded him with some rock song that was playing over the speakers. His response was to give me one of his famous Devin air kisses and to say one of my favorite things: “Mommy my friend.”

I definitely have plenty of love in my heart. I hope yours is filled with the same.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Grey matter (or lack thereof)

There are times when I think my brain has vacated my skull. Too many times really. Does spacey-ness come along with age, or is it just me?

I’m a writer by trade. A huge reader on top of that. Words are some of my favorite things in life. And spelling has always been one of my strong points.

Yet today, as I perused a layout, I came across the word “Tennessee”. It’s a word that you see often enough. I’ve spelled it myself on several occasions. But there was just something about it that didn’t seem right. I actually had the temerity to run it through the Google definition doohickey to see if it was spelled correctly. Of course it was. But why did I doubt it? I’ve found this happening more often than I’d like lately. I call it double-checking to make myself feel better. But my confidence with letters is sputtering. Anyone have one of those books of brain exercises? I think I need one.


The state of things at the moment requires my husband, who’s at home during the week, to handle some of my, um, affairs.

Today that consisted of picking up Lucy from the cat clinic, where she spent the weekend recovering from a vomiting episode.

Yet there was also the matter of dropping off our mortgage payment, which somehow missed the mailbox and was discovered in an odd location miles away from its destination.

He chose to combine the two.

Bad choice on his part since I inadvertently provided incorrect directions to the mortgage office. Which meant a memorable experience traveling up and down East Beltline with a very distressed cat on the seat next to him.

Yes, I feel slightly guilty due to the confusion I created. But I had to stifle a few giggles when he called to inform me that he was lost and I could hear Miss Lucy meowing insistently in the background. I’m so evil.


Do you ever have a day where everything seems to tilt toward the negative? That’s kind of where I’m at right now. It’s actually more like a few days. I know it will end soon. But it’s quite exhausting to have a seemingly endless list of “stuff” to fret about. I need to snap out of this funk, but I’m not getting enough sleep on top of it all. Sure, I could chalk it up to the worrying, but the idiot who sped down my street, hit his brakes too late, flew through the stop sign, and smashed into the curb outside of my bedroom window at 5:00 this morning played a big role as well.