I went to a concert and took photos of my kid


I would have taken photos of Natalie MacMaster if we’d been a little closer to the stage. But from our vantage point, she was kinda tiny. Her sound, however, was pretty massive.

At the intermission, Devin said, “Let’s climb the hill!” I hadn’t really looked at the hill before then. I was aware of the hill, sure. I’d seen people heading farther up it to find seats. And we were at a ski resort, for goodness sake. Why I never considered the hill is beyond me.

So without looking at the hill, I said, “Sure!” (Well, maybe not with an exclamation point. A period is probably more accurate.)

After seeing the hill, I had to chuckle. I didn’t doubt I could do it, but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to run up it like the child was doing already.

Getting to the top was worth it, though. It was a nice view on a summer evening. And he was pretty darn happy about the whole thing. He ran back down, of course. Me? I did not.

My one photo of Natalie is down at the bottom as we waited in line for an autograph.

IMG_3213 IMG_3215 IMG_3219 IMG_3221 IMG_3226 IMG_3230 IMG_3232IMG_3238