Yeah, I’m that kind of dork. My son is actually thinking of calling this science fair experiment the Eggcellent Egg Drop. So it runs in the family.

Lesson learned: let him choose one that’s messy and gooey and the child will complete the experiment, and his observations, in record time!

You start with some peanut butter…

…which is something the dog certainly appreciated.

He chose four materials to use to see which would best protect the egg. And he had to do three trials of each. So 12 plastic containers await their turn to be dropped. From six feet. Not so bad, right?

The water version held up better than we thought it would.

Tissue paper? Not so much.

Peanut butter rocks! (Until you have to clean it off of everything, that is. Ew.)


Chicago visit #1

Because, yes, there was a visit #2 in the same week.

This one was a day trip with friends. Two of my crazy friends from work. (They look crazy, don’t they?)

We’ll call them Easy and Peasy.

They were awesome travel companions, I must say. They talked the entire drive there (and back…and while we were traipsing all over the city) so the normal three-hour trip didn’t seem nearly that long. They were also open to anything I wanted to do – and they were excited about pretty much everything we did do.

Tourists always look up. That’s where the best architecture is!
I’d been to the Cultural Center before, but never looked at it in detail the way I did this time around.
Selfie with unaware friends!
Perusing the exhibit.
A big red statue? Irresistible!
More gorgeous Cultural Center architecture.
I’m not sure they saw the appeal of the mirrored reflection.
Millennium Park never seems to get old to me. It’s awesome being right there in the city, but enjoying a nice stretch of greenery.
That, my friends, is Leonard Slatkin. Someone I know was VERY excited about that.
They never noticed when I did things like this.
Cooperative, aren’t they?
I’ve never walked through the Lurie Gardens before. So nice!

DSC_7211-2  DSC_7223-2 DSC_7221-2 DSC_7217-2

Visiting our Chicago “office.”
Group photo before we trekked back to the parking garage.


Three kids and a lake


After vacation, we did the lake thing. Like we do every summer.

It was fun. As it is every summer.

The kids got along. As they do every summer (at least up until this point).

Much water shenanigans were involved. As there are every summer.

You get my point. Yes?

(I took TONS more photos, but I’m always a bit wary of sharing other kiddos’ images. So mostly mine represented here.)

DSC_3935 DSC_3605 DSC_3633 DSC_3664 DSC_3750 DSC_3755DSC_3785

Cheesy autumn smiles

20091101-DSC_1553I’ve been whining about fall. Or the lack thereof. Sunday delivered one of those perfect days I’d been waiting for. And we got our butts moving with some major yard work. All three of us. Dev was pretty darn helpful, actually. Later in the day he rode his bike past his friend Noah’s house, saw them raking and joined right in.

This weekend is supposed to be nice again. And a trip to Grandma’s house is in the offing. So we’ll be frolicking in her leaves instead!

Sitting pretty


I’m trying to get back into taking photos. I’m mad at my camera so I’ve been giving it the cold shoulder. Instead, I really should give it some TLC and try to milk some more time out of it. I was “this close” to buying a new one several weeks ago, but the economic crap is hitting us hard. So, yeah. Patience, which I have none of, is the thing I need to concentrate on.

So because I still don’t understand my flash very well I decided to play around a little bit with the closest willing model. I actually took my 50mm off for a bit too. I grabbed my Tamron and played with the 17mm “almost fisheye” aspect. Bounced the flash off the wall behind me. Maggie is so tolerant. Lucy, on the other hand, came in, walked around the chair* a few times and exited.

*My $3 bargain chair that I scooped up at the employee store the other day.

Ten days ago we built a dinosaur

My goal is to take a photo this week. I used to snap at least one every day. I haven’t given my camera any love or affection in a while. Part of the reason may be because it’s starting to fail on me and I’m terrified of that eventuality. But maybe if I clean the sensor and lenses, then give it a big hug, it will hang in there for at least a couple of more months. TLC can’t hurt, right?


Not so super mom

I have had days when my husband is away and I’ve gotten everything done fairly flawlessly, including getting the kiddo fed, played with and in bed without many antics.

Today was not one of those days.

95% of it went well. The 5% that didn’t, though, makes me feel like the worst mom in the world.

You know, there’s a huge responsibility in parenting. There is nature, yes, but there is most definitely nurture. When I have days like today, that scares me a bit. To be a part of shaping his future self can be exciting at times, but I honestly shrink from it too. What if I screw him up? What if he goes through therapy some day and the fingers all point back at me? What if he turns away from me at some point, never to turn back?

I absolutely hate it when I let myself feel this way. Yet sometimes I do.


The weekend turned out to be scrumptious. A little chill in the morning air, but plenty of sunshine and opportunities to be outside. And boy were we!

The kiddo and I spent two hours at the Portage Creek Bicentennial Park with friends on Saturday. (He was so exhausted he almost fell asleep at dinner). We saw two deer and three snakes. Then I took the dog for a walk near my mom’s house and had the chance to see two more deer. We played lots of catch and soccer in the backyard yesterday, then I took the canine for one more walk, where we saw deer tracks but nothing of the real things.

Superbly pleasant weekend, except for the fact that Scott wasn’t there with us.