What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

We got a cat.

Probably the least-romantic thing to ever happen to my husband.

But the little rascal sure is cute.


Sadly, the only reason we were able to bring this fluff ball home is because we had an empty space. We lost Finn just a couple of weeks ago. He was such a sweet, mellow guy. I’m so sad that he had to deal with so many health issues. In the end, we couldn’t keep his diabetes under control and his body was just rebelling.

I really can’t believe we jumped in so soon. The truth is, Bonkers (now dubbed Loki) was a newbie at Crash’s and he was just so stinkin’ adorable. (He does air biscuits, folks. Air biscuits!) I’ve never been so smitten with one of the new arrivals before – and there have been lots and lots of adorable felines coming through those doors!

We just won the Adorable Lottery!