the new addition

It’s been three months since we said goodbye to Lucy. I knew we’d always want another feline companion. My plan was to start checking out some of the cats at the local rescues who might be a good fit for our family. But neither Maggie nor Lucy came into our lives according to plan, so why should this time be any different?

“My friend found a stray cat.”

Well, yeah. But I don’t want a stray cat. I want to know some background and make a careful choice.

So much for that. This is Phineas. Finn for short. He’s got a bacterial infection and some parasites after living in the wilds for a while. He’s now hanging out in Devin’s bedroom to get his bearings. I’m hoping he and Juliette will work out there anxieties soon. Then comes Queen Maggie. Not sure if she’s going to like him at all. But then she didn’t like Lucy at first either.