Mr. Big Feet


It’s kind of hard to see from these photos, but Nick Furry’s paws are enormous! They make me giggle. Maybe you can get a better perspective from this photo that was taken by his rescuers. He was at his first vet appointment and all tuckered out. And there’s that big ol’ foot in the bottom corner.


He’s getting bigger, but his paws seem to be too. Is he ever going to grow into them? I always judge the potential size of a puppy by the size of its paws. Is that not the same with kittens? If it is, this little bugger is going to be very, very big at some point. He’s already grown from 4.25 pounds in early August to almost 8 now.

He oozes the cuteness, too. I guess all kittens do, don’t they? But he’s constantly zipping around, pouncing on things, making adorable kitten noises and willingly allowing Devin to carry him everywhere.

In these photos Nick is paused in mid-sillyness while trying to attack the fronds of our freshly picked carrots. He succeeded in detaching one of them, but seemed happy enough to simply bat them around. All the world’s a toy!

DSC_4074DSC_4091 DSC_4089