It’s how I feel after walking my dog on a beautiful summer night.

It’s how I feel after eating a tasty dinner grilled up by my husband – and having that dinner on our deck in the sunshine and breezes.

It’s how I feel when I finish mowing the lawn and the backyard looks as good as it ever will with its 16 different types of grasses at the same height for a small window of time.

It’s how I feel when I had shy of six hours asleep after arriving home from Chicagoland at 3:00 a.m. this morning, yet I’m perky enough to mow that aforementioned lawn, and take that aforementioned dog walk and even bake up a batch of raspberry muffins.

It’s how I feel at the prospect of settling down in our newly rearranged basement to watch Life of Pi with my two guys.

It’s how I feel knowing I have a vacation day tomorrow and that Dev and I are going to bicycle around Reeds Lake.

So how do you feel?