Here, leezard, leezard, leezard!

I figure there are just some things you do for your kids to make them happy. Right?

Because I don’t think I’d otherwise want to have this critter in my house.

She’s not horrible. (The neighbor kid, a bearded-dragon owner himself, informed us that Ryu Tatsu is a she. Not a he.) She’s just not very cuddly. And my living room now smells like lizard.

Ryu is the official classroom pet and Dev’s teacher was looking for some willing volunteers to take care of her over the summer. Knowing that we’d only have to host her for two weeks made the decision much easier.

Another point against the reptile? I  don’t think she likes me too much. She’s opened her mouth at me a couple of times, just shy of a hiss, as if I’ve done something offensive.* I share my carrots and grapes with her and that’s the thanks I get? Harrumph!

*I’ve since discovered that it’s not me that’s so offensive…it’s Juliette who follows around behind me to get a peek at the strange reptile in her living room. Apparently Ryu doesn’t like hairy beasts that are 10 x her size.

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