Perhaps the dog beach swan song


I hate seeing my pets grow old. I knew it was going to happen, of course, but it doesn’t make it easier. Maggie the cat is still pretty fairly spry, even at 14, but Juliette is showing the signs. Trouble on the stairs. A little less energy. Some grey on the muzzle.


But it was even more evident, to me, when we took her to the dog beach recently. She lurves the dog beach. We’ve been going for years. What’s more fun than watching your four-legged friend romp in the waves?

This time, even though she was so excited when we got there, her energy faded pretty quickly. She ended up doing more standing around than bounding around.

She’s also come to hate riding in cars. She trembles for half the trip. So getting her to Muskegon in the first place seemed fairly unkind (she may have forgiven us once she nabbed her doggie sundae at the Frosty Oasis, though).

She did get in some snout time with a dachshund friend. She also seemed interested in following some of the other people and dogs around. On the trip back, the trembling seemed to have abated. As close to relaxed as she’s likely to get in the car. Maybe the lovely sunset inspired her.

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