Facing the waves

We capped off our weekend with a long-awaited trip to “dog beach.” The long wait was probably more from my perspective, since I don’t think the dogs have a concept of that type of thing. Or maybe they do. Juliette sure seemed to think it was about time we’d made the trip. Especially since our last visit was sometime in August last year.

She bounded right into the Lake Michigan waves…


Pete, on the other hand, wasn’t as eager. This was his first visit to the beach and the onslaught of the teeny-tiny waves was enough to strike fear into his already fearful heart. Yet he surprised us. While I envisioned him bolting up the sand dunes the moment he heard the lapping of the water, he instead looked around nervously but stood his ground. In fact, he once or twice even got his front paws wet. And if I’m not mistaken, he’ll be happy to go back again — especially if his full-tilt sprints up and down the beach are any indication.

Scott tries to convince Pete that water is fun