Ta-ta, spring!


The weather the past few weeks has been simply splendiferous.

I’ve always been very fond of temperatures in the 70s. I practically hum with happiness on days with those temps. It’s warm enough to sit comfortably in the grass (or to read in the wagon), but not so hot that you sweat while you’re sitting there. Is there a place somewhere that has weather like this consistently? I might consider a move now that I’ve grown tired of the yin and yang of the cold-that-lasts-far-too-long winter and the heat-humidity of summer that seem to express the seasons in Michigan.

Sigh. That heat-humidity thing is coming today. The first day of summer, of course. It was bound to happen. I just sniffle a little at the thought of having to shut the windows and turn on the AC.

This pic was taken as I was stretched out on the front lawn on Father’s Day, chatting with Dev (from his perch in that wagon I mentioned) and gazing up through the branches, blissed out from the sunshine and the breeze. Ahhhhh.




And then there are the flower photos, which will come with regularity as the blooms keep a-bloomin’. Those and pet photos. I’m dependable that way.

DSC_2045 DSC_2037 DSC_2049