Spring break is almost over, but I figured I’d better log the first part of it before too much more time goes by!

My son’s class was given a Game Changer award by the Detroit Pistons for the charitable work they’ve done in our community. That meant free tickets for everyone to last week’s game. So we booked a little spring break getaway to Auburn Hills. (Land of many hotels and parking lots.)

After relaxing for a few hours at in our comfy room after the drive (and sneaking in a swim for the kiddo), we took our seats at The Palace and chatted with some of the other families who took up the offer. Free seats, of course, aren’t very close to the floor so we had a long view of the action, but it was fun to watch. The only bad thing was the margin of defeat. I think the Raptors topped Detroit by at least 25 points.  Ah, well, at least we got to rock out to glimpse Luke Perry (yes, I’m serious) and rock out to Color Me Badd for ’90s night.

The next morning we headed to the Bald Mountain Recreation Area for a nice family hike. The weather was awesome. And the trail was a nice length. It was a short getaway, but made for some quality family time. (Except for the part where Scott was supposed to be navigating, but wasn’t. And you know nothing good came of that moment.)

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