Well, at least the sun is shining

I’ve been trying very hard to be patient with spring this year. As soon as the calendar turned to March, I heard people grumbling that it was still snowing. Well, yeah…it’s Michigan. But it kept snowing and it’s also stayed cold. And now that it’s actually April, I, too, am officially cranky about the whole thing.

Spring is supposed to be about optimism. But when the highs are barely in the 30s, it’s a decidedly more pessimistic feeling.

Still, we’ve had some sunny days. And I see some 40s and 50s in this week’s forecast. So I leave you with some of the spring-ish photos that have been bright spots over the past couple of weeks.

DSC_1783 DSC_1741 DSC_1714 DSC_1715 DSC_1716 DSC_1736 DSC_1799 DSC_1802


Crash…the namesake

My last post, wayyyyyyy back in July, was about our new cat Finn. Just in case you were jonesin’ for some more cat love, I’ve got some for ya! Devin and I started a volunteer gig this summer at Crash’s Landing, a local cat rescue organization. Twice a month, for a couple of hours, we go in to scoop litter boxes, sweep and PET KITTIES! This is not hard work, although the 8-year-old finds plenty to moan about when it’s time to sweep. It’s actually something we both look forward to. And with an iPhone and on me most of the time, we’ve managed to get some great photos of some of these adorable critters. And last weekend we brought out the “real” camera and got these shots. Some of these cats are real hams, I tell ya!






It’s the Orange Cat Gang!



Widdles…Devin’s current favorite. She’s kind of crazy-looking (dig the fur), but very sweet.


Cinna being silly…and cute!

Chuck has the best purr

Libbie with the grumpy look going on


Amani has only three legs, but he manages to follow Devin around without any trouble.

Blue…I love him!


Zumba…small but mighty!

Carly Rae

Groucho isn’t grouchy at all




Sneaking one in before February ends

The snow days this year have fallen on Fridays. All two of them. Friday is a nice day for working from home…and entertaining a 7-year-old. Last year we whipped up some Star Wars pretzels during one of our days off. This year we turned to the over-ripe bananas on the counter for inspiration. Banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. The frosting was so good I was licking the spoon and Dev was saying, “Mom, I’m going to tell Dad you’re using bad table manners.” Little killjoy. 🙂

We started by grabbing some soap suds from the sink and having fun with them.

He’s gotten pretty good with the egg-crackin’ thing.

I threw this one in there because he’s wearing his hoodie backward and that’s not atypical for him. He’s always pushing the fashion envelope!


At this point, a “month in review” is in order

Because I’ve gone all month without a single update! I’ve been really bad with updating and with taking photos this month. So even though we did a lot more than you can see here, I have no record of it. Let’s just assume we had fun!

September started off with Devin and me helping out at the Women’s City Club, laying carpet squares for ArtPrize. This turned out to be very hard work. Hot and sweaty. And the next day my hamstrings were KILLING me. But it was all for a good cause.

Then we headed to Monroe to visit friends and check out the Toledo Zoo.





Then it was time for school! First day of second grade.


Then we “dug” for dinosaurs and found a velociraptor. Not my favorite dinosaur since we had just seen Jurassic Park in the theater and it brought back those lovely memories of sacrificial cows and people getting gobbled up. But the kid was happy.




This was just a day of goofiness. We need to have those whenever possible.



And then we visited ArtPrize for a short stint on Friday night. We didn’t have a lot of time so we have to get back down there this week and explore.




Pirates and quesadillas

How’s that for a blog post title?

I used to do this thing with Devin’s blog where I’d go a couple of weeks between posts and then just plaster it with photos. (If you click on that link, be warned that I don’t update the site anymore. It’s in limbo at the moment so the most recent post is from last fall.)

I may have to subscribe to that same strategy here with the amount of time I’ve found to blog lately.

I do have good excuses for not finding time, though. Like sitting in an 8-hour workshop today. And when they say workshop, they really do mean WORK. So then I run over and pick up Dev from summer camp, get stuck in loads of traffic on the way home, try to get started on dinner while facing a sink full of dirty dishes (our dishwasher’s been broken for three years), realize I still have real work to do that I couldn’t do because I was at a workshop (irony) and start on that, then smile a big smile when Scott comes home and takes over the dinner duty, finish up work except for a broken blog page that I can’t reconcile and am fretting about still, eat dinner, do dishes, agree to play trains with Dev, get Dev started on his bedtime routine, brush my teeth and such, wrangle him a little bit more, read to him for half an hour (The Silver Chair), scoop the cat box, give Lucy her medicine, refill the water bowl and add ice (because Maggie’s totally spoiled) and then…here I am!

So isn’t that a good excuse? And I now leave you with photos from this past week of, as I mentioned before, pirates and quesadillas (which the little one helped me make). Oh, and a flower photo too!

Momma got a brand new bag

Really. I did!

Isn’t it swell?

My old camera bag was nice. I loved it for a long time. But it’s more than three years old and it’s very well-worn. And the many, many pockets that I adored when I first got it have become increasingly frustrating when I’m trying to find my cell phone or my security pass for work.

Time for something new. Epiphanie!

Bright turquoise isn’t my normal style, but I thought a punch of color would be a good thing. The leather is really soft too.

This little accessory made me smile.

I have to get used to the whole new set-up, but my camera is snug and safe and happy. And that’s the most important thing, yes?


You never know what I might turn my lens on some days. (Although you can be sure the four-legged critters are on that list often.) I bought the wine at a very cool wine shop when I was in the more northerly regions of the city the other day. I’d been wanting to stop by because the place is owned by our former neighbors. (I was very sad when Betsy moved away…she has spunk!) I liked that it’s organic, I liked the price and I really liked the label too. Maggie I always like. So there ya go.

Not the most relaxing of snow days

I’m not sure what I was thinking today when I moved from one kitchen project to the next. When I decided to bake up the oatmeal for breakfast, I figured dinner would be the only other thing I’d tackle. The only reason I opted for the oatmeal is that I’d parked my laptop at the dining room table and the kitchen seemed to be taunting me. Eat something, Lori. Eat something. Yeah, OK.

But when it was time for lunch, I spied a few leftover things that needed to be used up, so I thought pizza would be simple enough. And it was. A couple of tortillas topped with all sorts of toppings. But there was some chopping and such involved in that. So it wasn’t as quick as slapping together sandwiches for myself and Dev and calling it done. He was happy with his pizza, though, so it was worth it.

And then came the brownies. I’d wanted to bake them this weekend. I try to find baking-together projects for the two of us. I figured the allure of chocolate would seal the deal on this one. I was right, ya know. And the results were ever so good. (Darn me for skipping Cooking Light for this project, too…those are some rich, tempting brownies that I need to get out of my house. Now!)

Then we had to shovel. So that got me out of the kitchen for a bit. (And made me feel slightly better for eating more than one brownie.)

The shoveling and the tromping through the un-shoveled sidewalks with the dog kind of flattened me, but I felt the need to do something for dinner. Turkey burgers, to be exact. Nothing gourmet (and no photos because they weren’t pretty or anything). Paired them with ABC tater tots to please the child. Again, easy enough. But again, standing in the kitchen. On the hard tile floor. Plus, the need to wash dishes after each of these events.

Can I go to work tomorrow? Please?

Ups and downs

Life has them, doesn’t it?

I’ve been on more of a rollercoaster lately when it comes to my emotions. I prefer feeling a bit more steady about things, but I’ll accept that every day can’t be blue skies and butterflies. The skies are definitely blue today, though. I’m looking forward to a weekend of pumpkins, leaves, soda bread, Legos, bunnies, hiking trails, paint, garden tools, bikes and whatever else might come up during these last 70-degree days.


Yesterday I drove out to Millennium Park, which I’d heard of many times, but never visited. I was looking for some of my colleagues who were supposed to be toiling away on a United Way project. I’d already criss-crossed GR snapping photos of the different groups participating. This was my last stop.

But I found no white T-shirts. Instead, I found this vast, open beautiful space. I was intrigued, so I parked my car and got out. Camera with me, of course. The sun was warm. The breeze was nippy and relentless. It was lovely. I walked aimlessly around the sidewalks and trails that were framed by goldenrod and silvery grasses. I was supposed to be working, but I was in the middle of nowhere with no one around. So who would know, or care, about my short-lived distraction? You won’t tell, I’m sure.