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Not the most relaxing of snow days

I’m not sure what I was thinking today when I moved from one kitchen project to the next. When I decided to bake up the oatmeal for breakfast, I figured dinner would be the only other thing I’d tackle. The only reason I opted for the oatmeal is that I’d parked my laptop at the dining room table and the kitchen seemed to be taunting me. Eat something, Lori. Eat something. Yeah, OK.

But when it was time for lunch, I spied a few leftover things that needed to be used up, so I thought pizza would be simple enough. And it was. A couple of tortillas topped with all sorts of toppings. But there was some chopping and such involved in that. So it wasn’t as quick as slapping together sandwiches for myself and Dev and calling it done. He was happy with his pizza, though, so it was worth it.

And then came the brownies. I’d wanted to bake them this weekend. I try to find baking-together projects for the two of us. I figured the allure of chocolate would seal the deal on this one. I was right, ya know. And the results were ever so good. (Darn me for skipping Cooking Light for this project, too…those are some rich, tempting brownies that I need to get out of my house. Now!)

Then we had to shovel. So that got me out of the kitchen for a bit. (And made me feel slightly better for eating more than one brownie.)

The shoveling and the tromping through the un-shoveled sidewalks with the dog kind of flattened me, but I felt the need to do something for dinner. Turkey burgers, to be exact. Nothing gourmet (and no photos because they weren’t pretty or anything). Paired them with ABC tater tots to please the child. Again, easy enough. But again, standing in the kitchen. On the hard tile floor. Plus, the need to wash dishes after each of these events.

Can I go to work tomorrow? Please?