Everyday, Skippy

At this point, a “month in review” is in order

Because I’ve gone all month without a single update! I’ve been really bad with updating and with taking photos this month. So even though we did a lot more than you can see here, I have no record of it. Let’s just assume we had fun!

September started off with Devin and me helping out at the Women’s City Club, laying carpet squares for ArtPrize. This turned out to be very hard work. Hot and sweaty. And the next day my hamstrings were KILLING me. But it was all for a good cause.

Then we headed to Monroe to visit friends and check out the Toledo Zoo.





Then it was time for school! First day of second grade.


Then we “dug” for dinosaurs and found a velociraptor. Not my favorite dinosaur since we had just seen Jurassic Park in the theater and it brought back those lovely memories of sacrificial cows and people getting gobbled up. But the kid was happy.




This was just a day of goofiness. We need to have those whenever possible.



And then we visited ArtPrize for a short stint on Friday night. We didn’t have a lot of time so we have to get back down there this week and explore.