An official Costco convert


I got a membership last summer or fall or some such time, but I’ve only been to the place that once. It’s soooooo big. And the items are soooooo big. And I don’t have room in my house for gallon jars of ketchup and pickles and the like.

But Julie was going on and on and on about the fantastical qualities of the place the other evening, so the husband, the kid and I went on our first official journey this weekend.

Honestly, the place is still too big for my liking. But we found, as you’re supposed to, some darn good deals. Can you say chicken-gouda sausage??? My absolute favorite. We got like 21 of ’em for $7. Holy Hanna-Barbera! And then, of course, there’s that big-ol’ tub of feta cheese pictured above. Anyone who knows me or my website can attest to my loving of feta cheese. So that just sealed the deal.

Get thee to your nearest one and snag yerself some fancy feta and sausages. You won’t regret it!