Tantalizing conversation

My cellphone rang at work today. That only happens on rare occasions. And, at work, it usually means one thing: daycare’s a callin’. And that, in itself, usually means one thing: Devin’s sick. Or hurt. (Well, OK, that’s two.)

How lovely to discover that neither of the above was true.

But how hilarious to discover the reason for the call.

The little guy’s been, um, fondling himself a bit these days. Now, before you go chastising me for speaking of such unspeakable subjects…CHILL! Kids do these things. Parents everywhere know this. And I’m sure a great many of them speak of it from time to time since it can be an amusing subject.

However, the amusement level is upped a notch when you consider I was having this conversation in one of those typical cubicle environments.

And although nearly every child goes through this stage, my daycare teacher was a bit concerned about how roughly Dev’s been exploring. So imagine me assuring her that, yes, we’d noticed that it was a bit red down there. And, yes, we’d been trying to gently advise him that maybe it’s not a good idea to yank on it so roughly. And, definitely, we’d been applying cream in that area.

I just have to wonder how that sounded to the very quiet IT guy who sits next to me.