Seven days

Jeesh…I think I forgot how to use my G2

I go back to “work” in one week. I use quotation marks because I’m actually working tonight. I’ve done some small projects while on leave, but I shall be parking my butt in my client’s chair once again starting Monday.

This scenario is one I’m both anticipating and dreading. I’m very confident that both Dev and I will benefit from me returning to my freelance work. He’ll be in a great daycare class three days a week, while I’ll be keeping my mind sharp and my adult conversation skills polished.

It’s been a wonderful seven weeks. And a challenging seven weeks. To focus your attention fully on another human being — especially one who’s constantly moving, exploring and putting himself in danger whenever possible (the stinker!) — can be mentally exhausting. I have sincerely gained new admiration for moms who stay at home full time. It’s an awesome amount of work.

That said, it’s also wonderful to have that kind of time with him. I spend the entire day watching him learn and develop new skills, helping him figure out the world, building a connection with him that’s so special. It took a couple of weeks to get into a routine and figure out what he wanted. Now that I have, it just clicks so well. I really CAN tell when he’s hungry, or tired…or just tired of Mommy kissing his cheeks over and over again.

It’s going to be bittersweet. He’ll be in good hands. I’ll feel great about the attention he’s getting, the other babies he’ll have a chance to play with, the art projects, music exploration and other experiences. But I’m going to miss seeing his sweet little smile on those days when I’m writing, editing and sitting in meetings. I’ll miss his funny little laugh. I’ll miss watching him grab the table and determinedly yank himself up to the standing position. I’ll miss it all. Well, except for the poopy diapers.