Well, I woke up this AM to 707 emails in my in-box. About 700 of them were comment spams. Nice. Who the h-e-double-toothpicks is inconsiderate enough to do that? They added about 150 of them a couple of hours later. Running them through Blacklist is a decent solution — although it takes a bit of time to expunge ’em and all the subsequent emails they generate.

Luckily, tho, Loobylu recently posted about a handy Close Comments plug-in. I’m totally intimidated when it comes to anything programming-related, but I actually figured it out!

This means, as if y’all care, that you can’t post to any of my entries that aren’t on the main page. Honestly, my readership isn’t that widespread, and one in one hundred people ever goes far enough back in the archives to even consider posting something to an older entry. I’m sure the culprits will find a way around this, but it’s going to make my life easier at least in the short term. Thank you to both Jay and Alan — and to Claire for posting about it!