Girl time

At her new favorite store: Global Infusion

So Tracy and I spent hours together on Saturday — dining, exploring, shopping and cat-petting. Fun!

The Mean Green Burrito was yummy, of course. Then we walked down Cherry and hit the shops in East Hills. From there we headed down Diamond to Fulton and even more shops. There was plenty to love, but I said no to quite a few things. Tracy, more disciplined than me, said no to ALL things.

The cool basket, crafted in Bangladesh, was the best find. It was just $11! A big ol’ basket for that much? I’ll be back. The tea (HOT!) and converation were even better. It was so good to catch up and just hang out. And we were both incredibly excited to spy the calico in the antiques shop.

6 thoughts on “Girl time”

  1. I’m jealous! I miss the shops in East town. Luckily, there seems to be some new stores downtown that remind me of my favorite shops in Grand Rapids.

  2. Lori, did you know the banner doesn’t show on Devin’s site? At least I haven’t seen it the tow or three times I’ve been there …

  3. “no to ALL things,” that’s funny. and true. i said yes to the burrito and the chai and woulda said YES to a big fat donut if we had made it to Van’s in time. chances are that i will go back and pick up a few things that are still speaking to me. maybe the cinnamon wood box, probably a basket similar to yours and that doll head.

  4. NOT the doll head! I know you have designs on gifting that to me, but I don’t want that scary, haunted thing in my house! 🙂

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