Stress-free shopping

Decking out my fake pine shwag

Today we toured Breton Village again. I come back to this mall time and again because 1) it’s less than a mile from my house; 2) it’s NOT crowded (like the Bath and Body Works store at Woodland yesterday, where 20 stupid women waited in line to buy smelly lotion); 3) it’s packed with cute LOPs (Smith shorthand for Little Old People).

Our list this year isn’t long. I have a small family, Scott has a scattered-all-around one. We try to keep things simple. Still, I do have some gifts to buy — and some decorations for myself as well — and I prefer to avoid the Pottery Barns and other such venues. (Um, the pinecone above was purchased from Eddie Bauer. Yes, I’m a hypocrite.) So I was pretty happy today when I visited Carol Roeda’s store. Found something for both my mom and my aunt. Plus, all the ladies were ooohing and aaahing over Dev. Finally!

I expect to cross a few more items off on Saturday too. Tracy and I are meeting for lunch, then hitting the adorable shops in East Hills. Can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “Stress-free shopping”

  1. Yep, I’ll join the hypocrite list. I told everyone that I would only buy at locally owned stores this year, but The People On My List asked for such specific things, that I had to go to the big Corporate Stores!Blecchhh!

  2. Hello from Florida where in spite of the garland, wreaths, and glitter, I’m about as far from Christmas as I can get. If I somehow got stuck here this year, think I could almost completely ignore/forget the entire holiday.

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