A great day for a photo walk

I have no complaints about the weather March has brought us. Today was supposed to be one of the cooler days and I thought it was actually pretty fantastic. Fantastic enough to grab the kid and the dog and go for a walk.

After we ditched Juliette, we walked even more. Blocks and blocks of walking and talking and picking up sticks. And snapping pics whenever appropriate. I felt terrible as we set out. The cold I procured from him last week has kept me on bed rest for much of the weekend. My ears and my throat were hurting. But he was so excited to go on a photo walk and the exercise and his company actually gave me a bit of energy by the time we returned home. Enough to join him in digging for worms to add to the compost pile.

2 thoughts on “A great day for a photo walk”

  1. hello. we bought the PB cluster tables too. we are looking for 2 more. any idea where to get them now? wanna sell yours??

  2. I appreciate the offer to buy them, but they no longer look that nice. During my son’s toddlerhood, he was pretty rough on them!

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