Food & Drink

Is it April already?

Spring break has come and gone. I’m back to work tomorrow. I’ve been very neglectful of my online pursuits over the past week, but I made sure I got in some cooking pursuits this weekend while I had some extra time. Yesterday I made mac ‘n cheese with roasted tomatoes. Today it was whole wheat banana pancakes for breakfast, a fuzzy navel smoothie for a snack and a family teamwork dinner with Scott manning the grill for the turkey burgers, Devin putting together a kick-butt spinach salad and me cooking up some stovetop baked beans. Dev and I also made a whole-wheat chocolate blueberry cake. Yumma-yumma. It’s all about the food, you know!

I’m so happy that Dev likes to help in the kitchen. I don’t have to twist his arm. In fact, when he heard me rattling around with the pancake gear this morning, he grabbed his stool and was ready for flipping. (I let him handle the second flip from the pan to the plate.) And he put the salad together all by himself. He decided on ingredients (spinach, strawberries, carrots, celery, feta and goat cheese, pine nuts and sunflower seeds) and layered it all the way he wanted. It turned out great. He’s dubbed me a smoothie expert and he has the crown of salad pro.