I fought the germs…

…and I may actually be winning!

I’m a total germ magnet. I had one year, maybe two or three years ago, where I made it through the season basically unscathed. The rest of the time I slog through colds and flus and general misery, cursing my body for being so stupid as to actually succumb to the invaders. I eat fairly well. I exercise. I try to get enough sleep. I try to stay hydrated. Yet none of that seems to matter.

I felt the latest cold hitting me on Saturday evening. I actually pulled my car into the gym parking lot but I was exhausted and the lot was packed so…away I drove. This time I decided to arm myself. I headed to the store and grabbed a big bag of Vitamin C drops and some zinc lozenges. And I started popping them. In the morning I took some decongestants to add some firepower to the battle.

And I do believe this is actually working!

I pulled my butt out of bed at 5:30 this morning and I had a decent amount of energy. And other than sneezing a few times a day, I’m seemingly crud-free.

I won’t declare a total victory just yet. We’ll have to see how the defenses work the next time the kid brings some goop home from daycare. But I have very, very high hopes!