Sitting pretty


I’m trying to get back into taking photos. I’m mad at my camera so I’ve been giving it the cold shoulder. Instead, I really should give it some TLC and try to milk some more time out of it. I was “this close” to buying a new one several weeks ago, but the economic crap is hitting us hard. So, yeah. Patience, which I have none of, is the thing I need to concentrate on.

So because I still don’t understand my flash very well I decided to play around a little bit with the closest willing model. I actually took my 50mm off for a bit too. I grabbed my Tamron and played with the 17mm “almost fisheye” aspect. Bounced the flash off the wall behind me. Maggie is so tolerant. Lucy, on the other hand, came in, walked around the chair* a few times and exited.

*My $3 bargain chair that I scooped up at the employee store the other day.