I fought the germs…

…and I may actually be winning!

I’m a total germ magnet. I had one year, maybe two or three years ago, where I made it through the season basically unscathed. The rest of the time I slog through colds and flus and general misery, cursing my body for being so stupid as to actually succumb to the invaders. I eat fairly well. I exercise. I try to get enough sleep. I try to stay hydrated. Yet none of that seems to matter.

I felt the latest cold hitting me on Saturday evening. I actually pulled my car into the gym parking lot but I was exhausted and the lot was packed so…away I drove. This time I decided to arm myself. I headed to the store and grabbed a big bag of Vitamin C drops and some zinc lozenges. And I started popping them. In the morning I took some decongestants to add some firepower to the battle.

And I do believe this is actually working!

I pulled my butt out of bed at 5:30 this morning and I had a decent amount of energy. And other than sneezing a few times a day, I’m seemingly crud-free.

I won’t declare a total victory just yet. We’ll have to see how the defenses work the next time the kid brings some goop home from daycare. But I have very, very high hopes!

I see you

One of Dev’s favorite refrains is “Play with me!” Even though he just spent hours playing with his friends at school. It’s nice to be wanted, of course, but I can’t relate to his desire to be constantly engaged with someone else. We’re both only kids, he and I, yet we obviously have different ideas about personal time.

For me, personal time is hard to define. That’s why when I tell my husband that I want some time to myself, he doesn’t really understand what that is. He encourages me, though, with suggestions of going to the book store to have a cup of tea and read a magazine. This is a good idea, yes, but I return home a couple of hours later to the various sets of needy eyes upon me, human and animal alike.

What I need is an entire day. To myself. And I can’t remember the last time I had one.

So I’m going down to visit my mom tomorrow and I’m staying for a day and some change. There will be much talking and hopefully a visit to a coffee place I’ve heard good things about. I will be responsible for nothing other than being a good daughter, which has always been fairly easy with my mom. She’s swell.

I will miss my guys. And my girls (the pets). I will not regret having a bit of time for me, though.

Look…a picture!

And it’s of little ole me. 😉

I’ve been carrying my camera around in the new fantasmic camera bag I got last week, so it was within reach as Dev and I sat in the car after Gymco tonight. He was munching on some mini rice cakes and we were chatting. The sun was right on the horizon, blazing through the window, so all of the pics have that yellowish tint to them. But I took some! And it feels kinda nice.