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My mom is such a kiss-ass


Why is it that grandmas get all the glory?

First our dog fell in love with her. Seriously, Juliette about pees herself every time my mom comes over. And she’s not a cocker spaniel. She’s a 40-pound German Shepherd mix who oughta know better. In the presence of my mom, she whimpers and whines and practically plants herself on the woman’s lap. No contest. Me and my husband are the proverbial chopped liver.

And now my kid.

He loves when Grandma visits or when we take a drive down to Kalamazoo. He gets coddled and cooed at for hours. Worse yet, he’s always on his best behavior around her. He rarely pitches a fit, a normal occurence here. And, of course, Grandma showered him with all of the coolest gifts this past holiday, ensuring Mommy and Daddy the distinction of “uncool.”

The three trucks above? He rarely goes anywhere without them. And imagine the chaos that ensues when the red truck goes missing when you’re getting ready for daycare in the morning. Even though he can’t take them with him, we must find the truck. I spend a lot of time keeping tabs on them to avoid such situations.

Thanks a lot, Grandma. I know you’re reading this! (And, yeah, I said “ass.”)