Note to self

It was probably not a good idea to throw the empty mini-marshmallow bag into the trash basket under the desk after you guiltily munched on the last three handfuls while working on a project. Especially when the bag contained some sticky bits that adhered to the inside. Especially when you have a crazy cat that, for some very odd reason, has a marshmallow fetish and feels the need to come in four nights in a row, knock over said trash basket, and frenetically lick the inside of the plastic in her attempt to suck every last morsel of marshmallow off of it. Especially when you have a dog that will, while you’re toiling at your client, trot upstairs and snatch the bag that was, after each cat attack, placed back into the trash basket, then jump up on your bed (where she IS NOT ALLOWED), and proceed to shred the bag into teeny-tiny sticky pieces all over your duvet cover.