Brain dead

My creativity has been null and void the past few days, even regarding the camera. I lurve my Nikon, but I’m just not feeling inspired to take photos. Nor to write, really. I must be going through a lull. Hopefully it’s short-lived, but please take no offense to my absence here or my lack of commentary elsewhere. I’m just chillin’.

2 thoughts on “Brain dead”

  1. we need the sun and I don’t even go out in it.
    When we are done here I still would like to keep up with you and Devin. He is such a joy to watch grow up and with my grandson right behind him too. Logan was born on Sept 9 so he is about 16mos or so. He seems to do a lot that Devin does at about the same age as he was. I just love to watch them grow and change I think it helps that I am not responsible just a helper.

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