Well, it IS my website…


…so why not post a pic of myself?

Eh. The only excuse is that I have no other photos to post at this time. This time of year is always the worst for me when it comes to photo inspiration. I need a vacation!

I had a sleepless week. I’ve never experienced insomnia before, at least not for more than one night at a time. By Friday I was sooooooo tired. So, so tired. We went out on our planned date, I downed two full glasses of wine, and we made it home by 8:15. Such the fun-lovin’ couple. But he was tired too. And the wine, happily, seemed to help break the cycle. I clocked nine hours.

Once we get some unsettled life things properly settled, I’ll probably sleep better.

Or maybe the shorter hair will do the trick. Hmmm….