I CAN’T eat just one

Way too tempting

For some, the time between Turkey Day and Christmas is their downfall. All the parties and yummy holiday food. But for me, the real problem is Easter. For some reason more of the candies associated with this holiday contain that very special ingredient — marshmallow. I heart marshmallow. In a big way.

When I was a kid, I’d visit my Grandma a lot. She made fudge when the mood would strike. So she always had a jar of Marshmallow Fluff in the pantry. And I would sneak into the pantry when she wasn’t looking and dip a spoon in for a bite. As if that wasn’t bad enough…I’d end up eating half the jar. I just couldn’t stop. So don’t go getting me any Fluff. The stuff’s banned from our house.

The same goes for the sugar-coated Peeps. And a certain someone thought he’d kick off the holiday season a bit early by bringing a package of them home. Not a good thing. I took five to work, thinking I’d parcel them out. Yeah, right. I came home and ate the other ten within 20 minutes.

Other irresistible-for-me marshmallowy foods? The Marshmallow Bunny, which used to have candy decoration on it until a couple of years ago, including cute little whiskers. (What gives?) It’s my all-time favorite Easter treat. And, of course, the delectable Sno Balls that come in a variety of colors, depending on the holiday. Some people find this disturbing. And yet they’ll eat a Twinkie.