Morning glory muffins

Packed with carrots, apples, raisins and pineapple

Had to get my baking fix today. Lucky that since I haven’t had any photo inspiration lately. Lucky that, too, since the kid loved ’em. Scarfed down an entire muffin by his lonesome.

Speaking of muffins, has anyone ever wondered about the ones you see in bakeries and the like? Seriously, they’re huge. These smaller-in-stature muffins clock in at 169 calories — and the recipe is from Cooking Light. So imagine how many are in the gigantic variety. Scary.

And now I’ll share one of those warm family moments. My husband was going through the usual bedtime ritual with our little one tonight. I was ironing (blech!) as he read “Goodnight Gorilla”. This is one of those tricky books. It’s a classic for good reason, yet it’s pretty short on narrative. Most of the storytelling is done through the illustrations. So to keep an 11-month-old interested, you kind of have to elaborate on the text.

Illustration: The zookeeper is shown walking to his home
Husband: “Look, the animals are following him home. Conveniently his house is located right across from the zoo. I wonder what that does for his property value?”

Illustration: Animals inside of the house
Husband: “Look at all the animals in the zookeeper’s house. Although I’m not sure how the giraffe got there. Giraffe’s are too tall to fit inside of houses.”