What I don’t like about motherhood

Any mom (or dad) who can’t find at least one thing about parenthood that doesn’t agree with them is not being entirely truthful. With all the wonderful, beautiful moments, there are also those that make you wince.

Besides, the complaint I’m airing here isn’t all that bad. It’s not even the typical rant about dirty diapers, which, although I don’t exactly approach every diaper change with an enthusiastic, “Let’s go clean up the poop!”, don’t bother me all that much.

My big beef is what’s happened to my mind in the past four-plus months. I’ve become so darn scatterbrained. Exiting the house isn’t a simplistic matter any longer. Oh, to just grab a purse, hunt for my keys for a few minutes, then throw on my scarf and coat and head out the door. That’s what I’m nostalgic for.

Now I have to seriously plot and plan my every move. And even when I do that, I’m likely to miss some detail. Heading to the grocery store the other day, when we weren’t even on a schedule, made me laugh in frustration. Especially since I went out of my way to make sure I grabbed the cellphone and it somehow ended up in the basement after the boy was zipped into his coat and the diaper bag was slung over my shoulder. After I retrieved the phone, got him in the car seat and headed down the street, that’s when I realized I’d left the freakin’ shopping list on the kitchen table.

These things would happen on occasion before. Now they happen at least once a day. Losing my mind is not a welcome aspect of this Mommy gig. Someone make it stop. Please.

Oh, and I couldn’t resist another food pic. Baked up a second batch of muffins this week. Oatmeal-raisin. I’m on a baking roll.