Stir crazy


This is the time of year when I really start to feel uncreative. I envy the people who reside in big cities and who commute via their feet. Me? I walk down my front steps, open the car door, and drive to where I need to go. As a result, my photos tend to become a bit uninspired. Yes, my kid is adorable. Yes, my dog is sweet. Yes, my cats are cute. But I’m craving new scenery.

I did take my trusty G2 down to Kalamazoo over the weekend. Toted it along on our date night at my favorite restaurant. (Creamy risotto with chicken, asparagus, goat cheese and pine nuts — and two glasses of pinot noir. Yum! Oh, and dessert: Heart-shaped chocolate genoise filled with bittersweet chocolate mousse, glazed with ganache, served in a pool of raspberry sauce and whipped cream.) We strolled along the Kalamazoo Mall afterward. When I took the camera out to get a photo, the battery was dead. So goes my luck. At least I made the attempt. Instead, you get another pic of my dog. Enjoy!