Hi, Mom!

So that’s where Lucy’s been stashing all the cat toys

I’ve always been very close to my mom. Only child. Single mom. She’s not just my mom, she’s my buddy too. Logic follows that we’d talk on the phone a lot. When in Chicago, we probably talked at least twice a week. Here it’s been more like three times. But since Devin’s arrival, I’ve started lighting up the phone lines. As I explained to Aunt Nancy the other day, I just love talking with her and Mom about Dev…updates, questions, advice. Something “big” happens, I start dialing.

I called her up on Sunday for one of our normal chats. After the usual pleasantries, I told her about my new flash. Seems she already knew. She actually got online and visited Dev’s site. A miracle. She’s always talking about using the computer when she has a free moment, but she never sends email or finds time to check out websites. (Because she’s too busy playing solitaire, that’s why.) I then told her about the haircut. Same deal. So, uh, what was there left to talk about? I think this is some ploy on her part to stem the tide of phone calls. Well, Mum, it’s not going to work. Just so you know.

Oh, and the humidifier is working just fine. So stop askin’! And, yes, I did use the word “ass” in my previous post.