Friends & Family

Ain’t he sweet?

After a crazy-busy weekend filled with the typical holiday visiting of friends and family, and accompanied by what seemed like a constant headache and tiredness, I was happy – very happy – to crawl beneath the sheets last night and drift off to sleep.

Of course the alarm beeped way too early this morning and I sluggishly went about my AM routine: shower, breakfast, making bottles, washing bibs, blowdrying hair, putting on makeup, getting my sh*t together before boy-o wakes up.

So what a surprise to find that when I sat down with Dev for our morning fix of formula and rice cereal, my lovely, thoughtful husband had popped my Louis Armstrong holiday CD in and pressed PLAY. I was beboppin’ to “Christmas Time in Harlem” while the boy eyed me suspiciously. It perked me up more than a cup of tea ever could. Thanks, honey!