Oh, my aching everything

George, the resident cat at Spirit Dreams

I’m pretty sure I’ve overdone it. But if I keep up this pace, I swear I’ll accomplish everything on our project list by June and be in great shape to boot. (To boot, what an ancient, age-revealing expression.) Well, maybe I’m being overly optimistic. I’ll probably feel differently tomorrow when all the aches hit me full force.

This week alone I’ve kickboxed, rollerbladed, dog-walked, sanded, primed, painted, scrubbed floors, made two trips to home-improvement stores, cleaned out the cat box (ew!), and planted two shrubs in our imposing side yard.

It’s imposing in the fact that our neighbors cut down a tree a few years before we moved in, and said tree had spread a huge system of roots in this area of our yard. I discovered this dismaying fact when attempting to plant bulbs last fall. Not to be deterred, I marched into Lowe’s yesterday and picked up this handy-dandy tool and proceeded to conquer the roots. Swinging that baby made me feel oh-so powerful. Whump! Whump! I can see why guys like to play with such gadgets. But now, a mere hour after the fact, I can already feel it in my hands, arms and back.

Yet I’m still feeling energetic and plan to continue checking things off my list today. Hopefully this burst of energy and productivity will still be around tomorrow. I’m really enjoying the sense of accomplishment.