Dogs vs. kids

Blooming rock cress and two nosy dogs

Have you ever noticed how much like toddlers dogs can be? Just now I returned from nabbing discounted detergent and the like at Target, and gifted my two pups with their very own chew toys. I gave one to Pete, one to Juliette. Other than the color of these soft, chewy, squeaky toys, they’re exactly, EXACTLY, the same.

So what’s taking place right now? (Other than intermittent squeaking in my living room.) Every time Juliette starts chewing on her toy, Pete goes and takes it from her. Then he tries to hoard both on the couch, as if to say, They’re mine! All mine! In defense of my ever-so-submissive Juli, I take one of the toys from Pete and hand it to her. Cycle then repeats itself.

He can in no way chew both of these very big bone-shaped items at the same time. Yet he can in no way share them with his playmate either. Greedy little guy. Reminds me so much of watching two petulant children grabbing coveted toys from each other. Dogs will be dogs, I guess.