Todd Mundt is a rockstar

No, I didn’t leave the house with all that cat hair on my sweater

I’m an avid NPR/Michigan Radio listener. In the past year, I’ve dwindled my radio dial selections to 104.1 and the local independent music station (WYCE) on 88.1. Between the two, I get my news and my folk-rock-blues-jazz-worldbeat vibe without enduring the crap on the rest of the stations. Every morning I’m tuned in to listen to the local, national and world events. And each day I hear the same familiar voices.

Last night Michigan Radio hosted a member appreciation night at the Grand Rapids Art Museum with a preview of a very cool exhibit called Visualizing the Blues. We were in attendance to dine on San Chez tapas and get a glimpse of our friendly radio personalities in the crowd. I saw Amanda Greig, the Aussie, first. Then we walked around a corner with our drinks and came across Tamar Charney and Charity Nebbe. But I couldn’t find Todd. Todd Mundt is my favorite.

A few minutes later I saw him chatting with someone. I wanted very much to go up and shake his hand and say hello. But there was always another person gabbing with him. Then everyone moved into the gallery for remarks and introductions. After that, he was swarmed by people again. And I was getting cold feet. I’m pretty shy in situations like that. I hated the thought of waiting in line to talk to him. But after several moments of hemming and hawwing about what I should do, I realized I was going to have to.

So I waited behind a talkative couple. And waited. And waited. I felt utterly ridiculous. I waited so long that when they finally walked away and I was face to face with him, I just about blanked. I finally managed to gush about how much I missed his daily interview show and how I really appreciate the job they all do at the station. Blah, blah, blah. Yadda, yadda, yadda. He smiled nicely and thanked me. Then I tried to wrap it up without making my nervousness any more evident. But c’mon…what did I have to be nervous about. He’s not a rockstar, is he?

Next I’m going to set my sights a slightly bigger fish…Carl Kasell. God, I’m such a public radio geek.

5 thoughts on “Todd Mundt is a rockstar”

  1. Hey, whatever moves you! I went through a “TALK RADIO” phase too but now it’s over. It’s over ’cause I can’t tune it in on the radio at work. WYCE is a great alternative for sure. However, I grew up with classic rock and it always does the trick. I do listen to a variety of music and think life would suck without……Ciao!

  2. I’m fishing for some help from all Michigan (public) Radio listeners: to generate a campaign to rid the airwaves of Charity Nebbe!!! How she ever got her own public radio show continues to boggle my mind. To listen to her inane giggles during pledge week is even more painful.

    If you agree, please write, call, and cajole WUOM to get her back behind the scenes where she most likely does a fine job in producing shows that others host… with your help, Charity’s Romper Room days of public radio may be limited. Tell your friends! Post on your own and other’s websites! Fill Google with your thoughts! As they are fond of saying: it’s YOUR npr news station.

  3. Charity’s frequent rendition of “Michigan Radio…YOUR NPR News Station” drives me insane. If she would just shift the emphasis to the important words in the sentence–NPR News–it would make more sense and be less dumb-sounding.

    She also makes too big a deal out of mistakes…correct and move on, please!

  4. I really miss listening to the Todd Mundt show. Every topic on his show was so interesting. I completely agree with getting rid of Charity; that Michigan show she is hosting is terrible.

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