Pretty things

One of two glass lamps in the living room

Most women tend to like clothes. Let’s face it, if you asked a woman to share her closet with her male significant other, the guy probably won’t have all that much room. I’m guilty of that. In fact, I took up the whole closet, booting him into another room altogether. But I’m not a total clotheshound. In fact, I’ve become more of a knick-knack hound in recent years.

Flipping through catalogs from Pottery Barn, West Elm and Crate and Barrel seems to do more for me than those from J. Crew and company. The Crate and Barrel Best Buys mini catalog showed up today and it wasn’t hard to find things for my wish list — CD storage options, cute nesting bowls, and chairs with modern flair. Not that I’ll buy them. But the thought of them is appealing. As is looking through magazines for home design and storage ideas.

And then there are the candles. I love candles! I’ve got so many around the house that I’ve had to put some into the closet for fear of overloading every surface with some type of wick-bearing object. These Indian-style lanterns are my latest purchase. The pretty etched glass is nice enough without the flame. But with it, they warm the living room and a silly little candle-loving corner of my heart too.