Tough kitty

Masquerading as captain of the volleyball team is another plus of wearing this shirt

I grew up on The Looney Toons. The classics, of course. Every day after school we’d rush home to plop down in front of the TV and watch Bugs and pals. Like Seinfeld reruns, I feel like I’ve seen every episode. One of my favorites was the one with the big, bad bulldog who found himself caretaker of the cute little kitten pictured above.

You know the one, right? Whenever she settled down to take a nap on his back, she’d knead him with her claws, yet big, bad bulldog never got mad. He was kinda like, “Aw, shucks…ain’t she cute?” And when she wandered off and headed toward trouble, he was the quintessential nervous nelly, trying desperately to save her from all the cartoon pitfalls. The best was when he thought she got baked into a cookie and he put the cookie on his back in her place. And he cried!

You can understand, then, why I couldn’t pass up this t-shirt as I was browsing through Target today. Her cute little kitten claws are clutching the volleyball with such determination. It’ll give me something to grin about during my workouts.