I heart meerkats


Long after Dev and Scott had trotted away, I was still mooning over the meerkats. They make me giggle. So small and furry and serious. This guy was solo, but the others were all stacked up in a crazy pile. No one was around (because who wants to go to the zoo when it’s freezing?) and I contemplated climbing over the rail and sneaking one home with me. Really I did.

Four years

We were outside in the fall sunshine again today. In celebration of the beautiful weather, yes, but also in celebration of our family.

Four years ago today this little guy flew into our lives.

It’s been a magical time. I love being a mom. I love being his mom. I love him. Oodles. Even when he’s super tired and acting like a maniac as he was today. As I tell him, “I’ll love you always and forever.”

And it’s true.

So many reasons to love fall

Gorgeously sunny weekends is just one of them.

Last weekend hit 80 degrees. This weekend was more typical. Long sleeves and a jacket. Perfect romping in the leaves and exploring weather. Scott drove us over to the west coast and we explored Montague and Pentwater. Dev was a bit bummed out that the putt-putt golf place was closed, but he was happy enough hitting the playground, running around and hiking (a very short trail).

Miss Lucy

This one can be so infuriating. And her vet bills have been atrocious. Yet there’s nothing sweeter than when she hops up on my bed on a Saturday morning, burrowing in where Scott was just seconds ago to savor the warm spot. She curls her legs beneath her, closes her eyes and just purrs. Health issues and sassy-ness aside, she’s a total keeper.

Squeezing some extra time out of our evening

What makes me crazy about having a full-time job now is that there is so little time in the evenings to spend with my kiddo. We get home, start dinner, eat dinner, put the dishes away (ha!) and take a bath with barely a few minutes left for playtime. Tonight I made a super-lame dinner (hello, hotdogs!) that was also super fast, then put him in the bathtub for a quickie scrub-down so he could actually spend some time riding his bike. What a concept.

And what a night for walking the dog behind Speed Racer on training wheels!

It’s one of those nights when you know fall is going to make its presence felt soon enough, but summer is still hanging in there. Leaves are scattered about on the sidewalks, but shorts and a t-shirt are proper attire. Some people are mowing their lawns while others have already started decorating for Halloween.

I’m so glad I rushed us through the nightly must-do’s so we could get out there and enjoy it.

Two things

One: We just received Chitty Chitty Bang Bang from Netflix last week and I already have the theme song and several others stuck in my head. I was making dinner earlier and humming “Toot sweet, toot sweet!” And on a side note, I know this will sound a bit weird, but Dick Van Dyke was kind of hot back in the day. Go ahead, judge me.

Two: Cell phones may be the reality in telephony, but what are you supposed to do when you need your hands free? You can’t cradle the phone between your shoulder and your chin. They are simply too small. This was not very well thought out in the planning of the communications of the future. Hello? How can I cook and gab at the same time?

Look…a picture!

And it’s of little ole me. 😉

I’ve been carrying my camera around in the new fantasmic camera bag I got last week, so it was within reach as Dev and I sat in the car after Gymco tonight. He was munching on some mini rice cakes and we were chatting. The sun was right on the horizon, blazing through the window, so all of the pics have that yellowish tint to them. But I took some! And it feels kinda nice.