Smitten with the kitten

Of the three pets, Lucy’s the one who really lets Devin get up close and personal.

Juliette is friendly enough, yes. But she’s not really into a kid hanging all over her. She’ll politely remove herself from the fracas and find a more comfortable spot.

Maggie doesn’t even let him have a chance. Since the only human she seems to like is me, if anyone else comes near her she darts off. Doesn’t matter who that person is, although if that person happens to run really fast and make lots of noise on a regular basis, that won’t help the situation much.

Lucy will just lie there and let him pet her. She’ll even flip over and share her belly with him for some tummy rubs. The other night I said, “Since there are three of us and three of them, we can each claim a pet.” He would get Lucy, of course, which totally thrilled him. I’d get Maggie because she wouldn’t want to be claimed by anyone else. And Daddy would get Juliette. Seems fair enough.