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I need an ergonomist

Three hours in a car. An hour or so of walking. Four hours of sitting in a chair. An hour standing in a bar, trying to avoid being in the way of the waitstaff. Two hours in a restaurant booth. Certainly not eight full hours of sleep, even in a comfy bed with massive pillows. Seven and a half more hours sitting in a chair. Twenty minutes sitting waiting for the valet to extricate my car from the lot. Two hours in the car driving followed by 20 minutes sitting in the same car and debating with my husband whether it was safe to drive. Eight hours of sleep in another hotel bed. Half an hour spent online trying to determine which auto repair shop was least likely to rip me off. Fifteen minutes in the car to the shop and driving around with the mechanic. One hour in the car to finally get home. Seven hours at my desk.

Is it any wonder my back is aching? Or my knee for that matter?

Conferences are good, but I vote for the format to change to walking-while-learning opportunities or some other non-sitting option.