We blew bubbles today

And played with dandelions. Love the spring evenings, although I wish there were more hours at my disposal. Still, even a half hour outside goofing around is good for the soul. I need to do more goofing around. I need a remedy for some of the stress and tension that have whittled their way inside of me. Outdoor time with Devin is a great place to start. We just need to get Scott out there with us too!

4 thoughts on “We blew bubbles today”

  1. Nice weather? It’s finally sunnying up after a few days of storms. More rain to come though, bah! Hopefully it rains itself out and leaves a nice weekend ahead.

    Miss you guys! 🙂

  2. i love backyard time in the evening. throw in my crazy dogs and it’s a good time had by all. love that photo of dev…very sweet.

  3. How many dogs do you have, Charlie? You can see our dog in the second pic, all bokehed out. She loves it when we hang out with her.

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