So yeah. That’s all that’s left of the only tree in our backyard.

Half of it fell into our yard during a windstorm several years ago. Just minutes after Juliette and I came inside from goofing around right by said tree. I heard this creepy sound and looked out the window to see a huge branch stretching across the yard and onto our deck.

A few years later, the other half landed in our neighbors’ yard. During another windy, rainy event.

All shade was gone from our backyard. All that was left of the poor, sad tree was a jagged mess at the top.

The next year, some suckers started to grow on the tree. An awkward branch grew out of one of them and I gloried in a small patch of shade. The branch got big. Then it, too, fell off.

The other day Scott was mowing and noticed that the tree had a crack in it. So there ya go. All of the signs were there. The poor thing wanted to be put out of its pain. So now it’s part of the fence. And we’re back to a shadeless yard.

I told Scott tonight that I miss my tree. He laughed. But it’s true. I miss the sad ol’ thing.

2 thoughts on “Stumpy”

  1. Oh no! Can you make some sort of dug-out chair from it?

    We planted a disease-resistant American Elm in our front yard this spring. We probably won’t be here long enough to see it get big, but it feels like a nice gift to the block.

  2. It would be cool to make a chair…although we’d need to carve a few steps to climb into it. Doesn’t it look pathetic? 🙂

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