In the garden

Two green thumbs are better than one

Well, we’ll have to see how green those thumbs really are, but Devin has joined in with me yet again on some gardening. He’s actually been helpful every year, going as far back as when he was two and surprised me during a trip to the garden center by expressing very strong opinions about which plants I should put in my containers. (His choices have been good ones, I might add.)

This year he helped me pick out some veggie seeds, then made the markers to stick in the rows. Then we clattered out to the beds with the tools and hacked away at the weeds. He giggled a bit when it was time to spread the compost and cow manure (“Cow poop? Hee.”) I mounded up the rows and he plopped in the seeds at the designated intervals. Then we added water. Now we wait for the sprouts. He seems as eager as me to watch and see what happens.