Dinosaurs walk among us

I find it kind of ironic that I’m a writer by profession and a photographer by hobby and still the least favorite activities to do with my kid tend to be those that use the most imagination and creativity. “Momma, you be the mommy dog and I’ll be the puppy!” *Groan* There’s also the “Momma, let’s play restaurant!” and “Momma, let’s play monsters!” And many more. (He reserves, “Let’s play superheroes!” for Daddy, thankfully.)

Given a choice, I’d rather play a board game, put together a puzzle, create Play-doh critters, color, conduct a science experiment, read a book, ride bikes, or some other more straightforward activity.

I wonder if it’s my mulling tendencies that create the problem with the free-for-all play style. Or, rather, my lack of spontaneity. (Never pick me for a game of improv! Sure, I write, but I spend time thinking about what I write before I submit it. I generally dislike having to come up with a headline on the spot. I can reel off a few options that I’m not so sure about, thinking I’m sure to come up with something much better if I have some time to think about it. So when he wants to do role playing, I start thinking, “Ack. That requires way too much on-demand brain power!”

I’m trying to get over that, though. So when he asked to play Rescue the Dinosaur tonight, I broke up some sticks to create a “river” and he brought over a rock to be a “boulder” and we flew the helicopter over the raging rapids and rescued that darn dinosaur.