Memory lane

I’m strolling down it as I go through some old photos, trying to squeeze out some room on my backup drive. This task coincides with the kiddo turning six last week. So seeing the photos of him as an itty bitty fills me with some nostalgia. I love having all of those moments captured, yet even then so much eludes me. What did he sound like at this age? What words was he using? You just can’t capture the complete essence.

This series was snapped on one of my work-at-home days when a package arrived. The contents of the box? A big green frog chair. He jumped up and down on it for a few minutes before falling completely and utterly in love with the box. In fact, that poor frog never ever got the love he deserved. He’s gathered dust in various rooms of our house, waiting for Devin to notice him. Poor guy.