I bought a tree for Devin’s room last year. We strung little red lights on it and left it at that since the branches won’t hold many ornaments. It was simple and made him smile.

This year he was excited about the tree again, but he wanted to put ornaments on this time around. I tried to explain to him that we would have a hard time finding some that would work, but we could try. So we were browsing through the holiday decor when we can across a 12-pack of birds with clips, which he really liked. There were other styles that we found, some with trees, some with snowflakes. But he loved the birds. And I thought they had potential.

So we strung the lights on the tree. New multi-colored lights per his request. (We needed a shorter strand anyway.) And then we adorned his tiny conifer with sweet little songbirds. He was thrilled. And that night he said to me, “Momma, I’m glad there are birds on my tree. I like having them in my room. And now I won’t dream about any bears.”